Vintage Elegant Wedding

Brac Wedding Photographer

American-Italian girl and Danish boy tied the knot on Brac Island and it was a wedding to remember!

It was our first time to photograph a destination wedding on Brac Island, a unique pearl of the Adriatic Sea. Island is famous for it’s limestone, quarries of the Island have been a source of stone for building decorative stonework for centuries. Even ancient Romans used it to build cities, amphitheatres, temples and palaces. The stone is meant to stand the test of time, it’s a beautiful reminder for Dahlia & Jens. They decided to get married in an ancient 15th century Dominican Monastery, it’s a breathtaking historical venue. It was a mix of historical beauty and a balance of pristine elegance paired with a touch of mystic charm, just a few feet from crystal blue sea.

The party continued on a secluded luxury villa Nono Ban, between intact gardens and olive trees. It was a great pleasure being part of this beautiful mediterranean fairytale.