Effortless and Chic Outdoor Wedding.

“No caption can do the justice for these two. No backdrop to complement their personalities. No dramatic backdrop needed because last Sunday it was all just about them. About Sharon. About Danilo. And Jona. Some people just hold it all in themselves. And that is why they are one of the reasons we are doing what we’re doing, our inspiration, kick in the ass when we doubt ourselves, biggest support and before everything, true friends! And as they are holding a very special place in our hearts, it was a privilege and an honour to capture that September 1st for them. Thank you for all of that. We love you, Danilo&Sharon, and we don’t throw those words very easily.”

These were the first thoughts that we put on paper after photographing Danilo&Sharon. And there is not much to add, except a new dose of excitement now that we are about to share the photos. It’s not every day that you get the chance to photograph another insanely talented photographer/s that also happen to be your true friends. Huge responsibility and challenge. But, as extraordinary and miles away from conformity and convention as they are, they only pushed us further that day. Hope the photos will tell the same.

Once again, thank you for trusting us to capture such an important day for you. You were extraordinary, effortlessly chic as always, you were you.