30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography

Rangefinders 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography.
We are above excited to announce that we’ve been named as 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2017 by New York’s Rangefinder magazine! It is understatement and cliche to say that we are honestly humbled to receive this recognition, but we can hardly find better words to encapsulate the sheer magnitude of what this means to us. They say that awards like these don’t change much, however this one still makes us very proud and stoked, and it still sounds pretty surreal to us. 

The story goes back in July. We were just packing our bags to Dubrovnik when we received the nomination note. We stopped everything and took about seven good looks, back and forward, at the note until we finally realised it was really us that were nominated. No need to say that the nomination itself meant the world to us. So, alongside 200 other photographers from all around the world we were invited to submit 30 photos that we considered to be the best of our work. So far, it was the hardest thing to do. And we must thank our friend Marko Marinković for nominating us and for pushing us into this chaotic circle of adding and deleting photos for our final selection. Fast forward two months later, we received that witty e-mail of announcement that made Irina teary eyed, and Matej trying not to be, in the middle of a wedding. “Happy Friday! Just kidding, you were selected as one of the Rising stars, congratulations!”. From that day on until yesterday, we had to keep it a secret. Second hardest thing so far. Finally, we shared the news and although we had enough time to take it all in, somehow we got crazy excited again, all shaking and heart skipping after we’ve realised how much love and support we were receiving. 
So let us thank from the bottom of our heart to each and every person who sent a nice words to us.
But before that, we must take this recognition as a perfect way to thank all of our amazing couples who put all their trust in us, who gave us the freedom to fulfil our artistic urges. All of you had a profound impact on our lives, and thank you in a way that you probably cannot understand. Our work wouldn’t exist without you.
Special thanks goes to our friends photographers who encouraged us to follow our “voice”. Hello, Danilo and Sharon and congrats to you too for winning this thing! Thank you Petar and Marko (again) for sharing your journey with us because our journey started with you, you know that. Thank you for every single thing you’ve all done for us. We couldn’t do this without you. This achievement also feels like a reward for all the hard work we put in, for all the risks we took from the very beginning when we stepped into this industry as the new kids with zero experience. Being (maybe too) self critical doesn’t make this job easier, it only makes us wondering whether our work would speak to anyone, and most of all it makes us always chase the better version of ourselves. Therefor this reward does change something. It gives us a little nudge that we must be doing something right. Right? But it also feels as a responsibility for the upcoming seasons and adventures. It will be our forever reminder to never stop looking for those imperfect and special moments.
Also we would like to thank all of our amazing friends for every like and comment, for every encouraging word and support. We promise that we’ll make a hell of a party to celebrate this.

Wouldn’t want to miss the chance to congratulate to all the other nominees and stars, it’s really an honour to be listed among these insanely talented photographers. And if our humble words mean anything, we would also want to encourage everyone who weren’t nominated or selected to keep following their voice, recognitions come in many shapes and forms.

And dear Rangefinder magazine, thank you once again for seeing all this love we put in our work. 
Here is our submission.

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