Split Couple Shoot

Split wedding photographer. This time, Jenny and Derek will tell their story. They are two of the coolest ‘Cali’ people, who we had a chance to meet and photograph in Split on their Croatian vacation. But the story is a bit longer than that. Our adventure goes like this, and yes, guys, your last sentence is high on our bucket list.

Letter from Jenny and Derek:

“Don’t always believe the forecast the weather app may be wrong and the detours may be right – Jenny and I originally planned to arrive in Dubrovnik after a short layover in Munich only to find out we missed the only direct connection. Our detour was an airport tour through Vienna, Austria – Zagreb Croatia only to arrive in Dubrovnik as the city began to quiet down. Half a day gone. Jenny and I were excited to meet with Irina and Matej in Dubrovnik for our photo session but the weather app forecasted rain.

We asked them if they would be kind enough to meet with us in Split hoping for better weather which they graciously agreed to. We shortened our trip in Dubrovnik only to realize just how wrong these apps could be. The weather was gorgeous and we did not see a single rain drop. Surely we had made a mistake changing or photo session to Split considering the beauty of Dubrovnik.

After a scenic bus ride along Dalmatian Coast we arrived in Split, unsure of what to expect. We met Irina and Matej along the Promenade becoming fast friends and excited to explore the city. The next morning, thanks to jetlag we awoke with the sun, before the tourists had their breakfasts and the market venders set up their shops we roamed around the Old Palace, a playground, peeking around corners, discovering beautiful alley ways and plazas, a hide and seek with the city.

Not knowing what we would find around each corner posing for photos while admiring a statue or building. It was quite the experience. After a couple of hours we retired for our daily nap agreeing to meet up at sunset to admire the city from afar. A beautiful park atop a hill with benches for friends and lovers to gaze across the sea and admire the last rays of each day. We finished our photo shoot and headed to old town to grab a dinner and enjoy each other’s company realizing that sometimes the detours are better than the expected! Thanks Irina and Matej! Hoping you find a detour that makes your way to California!

P.S. Hvala, Croatia!”

Thank you, once again. Hope to see you soon with a round of ‘Rakija’. And if we get lost on the way, we a have a pretty good recipe how to deal with it.