Ireland Elopement

It’s hard to find that first sentence that will properly introduce those 4 days of this Ireland Elopement. Not every day you get to experience your first airplane flight, first visit to Dublin, first climbing down the cliffs and above all, not first but after a long time apart, get-together time with our dear friends Tamara and Bojan. They’re two people with big dreams who ran away from the small city of ours to fulfill their hopes and wandering cravings. Their journey started in Barcelona but certain circumstances led them to where they’re now.

Dublin. City of rain, wind, beautiful nature, colorfull doors, polite people and of course the nectar of the Gods (and Matej agrees) Guinness. And for them, we dare to say, the city of love because it is the city in wich He put a ring on Her finger. And so Tamara and Bojan welcomed us to this beautiful place. Starting with big sign Florschutz Family at the airport, big smiles to delicious dinners, hole pack of beer and bunch of jokes only four of us find funny. All in all, we’re imensely happy and thankful to those two for having us there and trusting us to capture their essence of love. One adventure is behind us and now we’re so impatient to document the second one, their Big day in September. Tamara and Bojan, please stay so adventurous and take us with you again wherever you go.