Cara + Greg | Modern Simplicity On Lake Como


Lake Como Wedding Photographer

Modern simplicity on Lake Como

If there is one place on Earth that defines us (besides our home), it sure is Italy. With the foothills of the Alps as its background, Lake Como is an upscale resort area in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region popular for its dramatic scenery. It’s the place we’re constantly gravitating to come back to. And if there is one piece of cinematography that triggers our imagination, it is La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty).

That’s why coming back to Lake Como holds so much more for us than just a wedding destination.

We are still reminiscing about our last wedding there…

Providing a wonderful backdrop for capturing ‘forever moments’, Cara and Greg has decided to embrace their Italian heritage and a wedding in Lake Como offers an instant, transitory moment in time, that is captured forever. Combining the perfect elements of modern simplicity that will capture one’s imagination is more than necessary. It is essential. That is why we always pursue exciting angles that enabled us to seize every moment of Cara and Greg’s special day in a very unique way.

A perfect fit to the Italian romance and elegance was Alon Livne’s wedding dress. It suited the bride perfectly with its creative blend of simplicity and excellent artistry making her feel bold and effortless at the same time. We were there to witness an amazing story develop from the other side of the lens and the honor was given to us to capture the most memorable experiences of their lives.

The Vows were exchanged in a 13th century church, adding refined elegance to everything that is already in its perfect place. And as the sun was setting, the dinner was served outdoors where its simplicity was elevated by the magical glow from the lake. As the blue hour approached for speeches, sounds of joy, laughter and tears echoed back to the lake with the special glow.

We have been drawn to natural, clean and documentary type of photography that always has an editorial feel to it. Our approach is one of telling the story through emotions, candid moments, details, tones and beautiful imperfections. Lake Como allowed us to be that and capture what makes a moment extraordinary and powerful. The dramatic scenery and classy ambiance inspire us to look through the lens and snap the camera capturing that special moment and life experiences.


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